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Planning Our Future

Paulding County in collaboration with the cities of Dallas, Hiram, and Braswell

are charting the course for the future!


 Over the course of 2022, the County and its municipal partners carried out concurrent planning processes to update their Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) and Comprehensive Plan. Paulding County adopted the update to the Comprehensive Plan in October 2022. The County and its municipal partners will consider adoption of the updated CTP in early 2023.


These two plans play a vital role in moving forward the community’s vision for the future and facilitating growth that is well managed, sustainable, and enhances quality of life. Paulding County currently has the thirteenth highest population in Georgia. It was the second fastest growing county by percentage in Metro Atlanta over the last decade. By 2050, it is anticipated that Paulding County's population will exceed 250,000.


The CTP will undergo a major update, while the Comprehensive Plan is undergoing a limited update. As such, Charting the Course will largely focus on transportation, building on the County’s growth vision, articulated in the Comprehensive Plan.


This website serves as the central hub for information related to both planning processes and ways for you to participate and help shape the outcomes!


Hearing your experiences and desires for the future are an important part of the process!

The CTP evaluates transportation conditions for all modes of travel, considers countywide opportunities to address them, and results in a series of countywide transportation improvements, while the Comprehensive Plan takes a broader look at how land use policy is shaping the County’s and cities’ future growth.


Both plans identify needs and opportunities and include an implementation plan that will shape County and municipal priority investments and initiatives.


Land use and transportation are interrelated. Growth and development of land drives new transportation demand, but the construction of transportation infrastructure can also drive growth into new areas. Integration of both planning efforts –the Paulding County CTP and Comprehensive Plan–ensures that the impacts of these plans are considered concurrently.

Image by Ezequiel Garrido


This CTP update will reevaluate the existing CTP's recommendations using the most recent data. This update will help identify additional policies, programs, strategies, projects, schedules, responsibilities, costs, and funding sources needed to assure that Paulding County’s transportation system adequately serves the travel needs of citizens in the short, intermediate, and long-range timeframes. The CTP update is funded by the Atlanta Regional Commission, which supports countywide CTPs throughout the Atlanta MPO jurisdiction.

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The Comprehensive Plan helps to build consensus among internal departments within each government and between the different governing bodies in Paulding County. The Comprehensive Plan guides each government as rezoning decisions are brought forth. Each government's future development or future land use map communicates the types of development that are appropriate in different locations around the county. The updated Comprehensive Plan must be reviewed and approved by the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission and Georgia Department of Community Affairs to ensure that it meets state planning requirements and objectives.

CTP + Comp Plan Schedule

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