Comprehensive Plan


What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan serves as an umbrella policy document, aligning Paulding County and the Cities’ growth and development initiatives under one common vision. Per state requirements, the Comprehensive Plan is updated on a five-year basis to ensure that each government is assessing and establishing a plan to address needs and opportunities. The Comprehensive Plan includes both a long-term vision and goals (for a 20-year planning horizon) and a short-term work program (to be completed over the next five years). This limited plan update included a reassessment of Needs and Opportunities, completion of the Report of Accomplishments for the 2017-2021 Community Work Program, creation of the 2022-2027 Community Work Program, and a re-visitation of the Land Use Element and Future Development and Future Land Use maps.


The Comprehensive Plan includes a transportation element which will be addressed through the Comprehensive Transportation Plan update.


Core Elements of the Comprehensive Plan

  • Goals, Needs & Opportunities

  • Report of Accomplishments

  • Community Work Program

  • Land Use

  • Transportation

  • Broadband

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