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Transportation Plan

Paulding County Basemap v9.png

What is the Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)?

The CTP will provide a guide for future transportation investments throughout Paulding County (including the cities of Braswell, Dallas, and Hiram). The County and cities are working collaboratively to develop a plan that will serve all residents and visitors of Paulding.


The study area for the CTP is all of Paulding County, including the cities, and the area roughly 5 miles surrounding the county to promote coordinated long-range transportation planning across jurisdictional boundaries.


The updated CTP will examine all modes of transportation, including vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian, freight, and transit. The plan will identify how transportation needs through 2050 can be best accommodated. The plan will recommend short, mid, and long-range projects, along with the key partners and stakeholders that are integral to project implementation. The CTP serves as a basis for future local, regional, state, and federal funding investments in Paulding County's transportation network. 

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